Who You Hire Matters

The agent, the company, the reach – even respect and integrity – ALL make a difference when selling your house. Success is in the details and there is an art to success. Drafting a narrative that's unique to your property, looking through a different lens, analyzing the data, utilizing our network and crafting the marketing is all a part of our expertise to get your home sold for the most money and best terms for you.


Pre-Listing Process

The key is in the preparation. A few simple shifts can dramatically impact your listing's perceived value. We bring in the best stager in the northwest to go through your home room by room. Using proven strategies and design principles, we give purpose to every space, writing a checklist for you to simplify the process and reduce stress while ensuring your home stands out.

Strategic placement of furniture and accessories - All of this translates to a very powerful marketing tool helping you sell your house quickly and for top market value. 


Pre-Inspections & Disclosures

Repairs & updates - are there repairs that need to be addressed prior to selling? Maybe there are repairs that you think are a must, but are not. Is there an update well worth it? We will discuss each issue and help you see what is actually recommended to do prior to listing. We'll work together to elevate your home's value and create a tailored plan to maximize its potential on the market.



High-End HDR Photography

Professional photography is essential to a successful home sale. Our photographers use first-class equipment and technology to produce stunning photos every time, enhanced to show your home gloriously and capture your home's finest selling points.

Aerial Drone Footage

Aerial Drone Footage

Hero Shots

Hero Shots

Twilight Photography

Twilight Photography



Producing a professional listing video tour is a necessity. Telling the story, showing a buyer how they could envision their life there. Pulling on emotion, creating urgency, and showing the lifestyle is what gets clients to create action and excited to come see your home.


Matterport Tour

Matterport is the standard for 3D space capture. Our all-in-one platform transforms real-life spaces into immersive digital twin models. So much more than panoramic scans, Matterport empowers people to capture and connect rooms to create truly interactive 3D models of spaces.

Custom Property Websites

All properties will have a unique and specific property website highlighting all amenities and features, including why you love your home, adding a personal touch and story. This allows your home to be showcased with no distractions from other listings on the market.

Property Brochures & Print Advertising

A custom color property brochure will be created. They will be placed in the home and strategically mailed to real buyers and local area residents. 76% of people move within 10 miles from their current home.

Google & Social Media Advertising

Your property listing will be marketed across several digital platforms, including Google and social media channels like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. By leveraging these platforms, we can reach a wider audience and attract more potential buyers to your property. Through targeted advertising and strategic content, we'll work to highlight the unique features and benefits of your property, showcasing it in its best possible light. With our comprehensive digital marketing strategy, we're confident we can help you sell your property quickly and efficiently.

24/7 Web Exposure

With 95% of home buyers beginning their search on the internet, we will want to ensure that your home will receive maximum online exposure. Your property will be featured on all the websites, including the ones you use and recognize: - Homes - Zillow - Trulia - Redfin - Realtor - Frontdoor -
REALM is a patented technology that combines data from multiple sources to predict purchasing behavior and matches properties with potential clients. It is a collaborative matching platform that connects buyers with properties based on lifestyle preferences and market insights on a global scale, and a highly encrypted confidential environment fueled by private, professional, and advisory data records. REALM improves the overall experience and showcases your property globally to qualified buyers. The properties are introduced through another REALM-member agent ensuring that the confidentiality is never compromised and the integrity of the trusted advisor is maintained.
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Huge Local Exposure & Explosive Marketing

A custom full marketing email showing your property website and tour will be sent to all Realtors in the Spokane area. Open House for the Entire Brokerage community will be held with the owners permission. For Sale sign will be placed on the property with the owners permission. The next owner of your home could be searching for properties anywhere. Rather than trying different marketing approaches throughout the listing period we push the marketing from all angles and do explosive marketing.

The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing

Being a CLHMS member with the Institute of Luxury Home Marketing allows us to get your home in front of buyers that other agents cannot. Our luxury brand is the boutique group of the Inland Northwest. Avenue Stone Real Estate leverages its affiliation with REAL Brokerage, REALM, and the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing to reach around the world.

The Selling Process

The Escrow Process

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