Why you might want to DOWNSIZE sooner than you planned.

Why you might want to DOWNSIZE sooner than you planned.

Are you a homeowner in Spokane thinking about downsizing? Whether you are an empty nester, struggling to deal with the upkeep and related cost of your home, or perhaps you just want to simplify your life, downsizing is definitely something to consider. Especially with so many experts saying that the "silver tsunami" is inevitable this year.
Here are a few reasons you might want to downsize sooner than you planned:
  1. Financial Benefits: Less maintenance inside and out. Lower energy and utility cost.
  2. Lifestyle Upgrade: Simpler living can lead to a more fulfilling or even higher quality lifestyle.
  3. Social benefits: Living in a neighborhood or community with other “downsizers” often means more social activities are available or simply the proximity to others might just make it easier to be more social.
  4. A healthy real estate market forecast means it might be more of a benefit the sooner you make the more.
  5. Waiting longer might mean you will need to make repairs to your property. Money you would rather spend on your next home. 
Now that we've explored some compelling reasons why you might want to consider downsizing sooner rather than later, it's time to delve into the practical steps to make your downsizing journey a success. Whether you're enticed by the financial benefits, the prospect of a simplified lifestyle, or the promise of a more vibrant social community, these seven essential tips will guide you as you prepare to list your home for sale in Spokane, WA.

Here are 7 essential tips to consider before you list your home for sale:

  1. Assess Your Current Needs: As an empty nester, consider how much space you need. Think about your lifestyle, hobbies, and the dedicated rooms and space you truly need.
  2. Understand your budget. When you downsize do you plan to travel more? Pick up a second home in say Arizona or the lake? What other change might the move cause?
  3. Plan Your Timeline: Timing your move with your other priorities as well as the market is crucial. Keep up on the market report here. https://avenuestonerealestate.com/market-reports
  4. Think about your community engagement: What social and recreational activities are a must to continue? Or would you like to start? Knowing this can change what you really need or don’t need in your next home.
  5. Learn how much decluttering and organizing is actually needed. For some this can be very overwhelming while others are relieved that it's not as much work as they thought. That is why at Avenue Stone Real Estate we bring in the professionals needed to make the transition easy and remove as much stress as possible. 
  6. After you have decluttered a deep clean is key. A clean, organized space makes your home more appealing and buyers see that as homeownership pride. Meaning you have always done the maintenance needed to your home. This leads to helping you get top dollar and a quick sale.
  7. Knowing what repairs are actually needed. There are so often misconceptions when it comes to doing home repairs prior to selling a home. There are many variables so it’s not the same for every home. A general rule of thumb - if it's a regular maintenance item, the buyers will expect it to be done otherwise you might regret it if you don’t fix prior to listing. 

Tanya is your Spokane real estate expert who will guide you through downsizing, give you the expertise you need in selling your home and, if you're moving out of the area, will even connect you with a real estate professional in your desired city. 

Ready to downsize or do you know someone that needs help downsizing? Contact Tanya and her team today for expert guidance in Spokane and beyond.

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