Choosing Between New Construction and Existing Houses in Spokane

Choosing Between New Construction and Existing Houses in Spokane

Whether relocating or ready for a change, choosing a home in Spokane can be an exciting yet daunting decision. Here's a peek into the pros and cons of new construction homes versus existing ones.

New Construction Homes


The Modern Family's Dream 

  • Tailor-Made for You: Design your dream home from layout to finishes.
  • State-of-the-Art Living: Enjoy the latest home technologies and energy-efficient designs.
  • Low Maintenance Lifestyle: Everything's new, meaning less worry about repairs.
  • Added Assurance: Benefit from warranties on various home components.

Consider the Other Side:

  • Premium Price: Expect higher costs for the modern touch.
  • Patience Required: Building a home takes time, with potential delays.
  • Contemporary Over Character: New homes might lack the unique features of older ones.
  • Location Limits: Newer developments may be farther from city centers.

Check out this article from NAR about why new buyers are flocking to new construction:



Existing Homes


A Story in Every Corner

  • Full of Character: Older homes offer unique designs and a rich history.
  • Settled Neighborhoods: Enjoy established communities with mature landscapes.
  • Value Growth Potential: Well-maintained homes in popular areas often appreciate in value.
  • Quick to Call Home: Move in faster compared to building a new one.

But There Are Trade-offs:

  • Upkeep and Repairs: Older homes might need more maintenance.
  • Updates May Be Needed: Modern amenities might be missing, requiring remodeling.
  • Energy Efficiency Questions: Higher utility costs are possible with older construction.
  • Hidden Surprises: Be prepared for unexpected repairs post-purchase.


Making the Right Choice

  • Lifestyle and Preference: Do you prefer modern customization or historical charm?
  • Budget Considerations: Factor in potential remodeling or customizing costs.
  • Timeframe: Need to move quickly? An existing home might be the answer.
  • Location Preferences: Your desired area might influence your choice.
  • Future Plans: Think about long-term goals like stay duration and resale value.

When considering new construction in Spokane, remember it's not always straightforward. Partnering with an experienced realtor is key, as they can navigate you through potential challenges. Ultimately, whether expanding your living space or planting roots in a new city, the perfect Spokane home is there, waiting to be discovered by your family.

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