What Really Matters In Today’s Home Sale

What Really Matters In Today’s Home Sale

“The Importance of hiring a true Real Estate Professional”

Although just about any agent can sell a home in today's market, the question is always how much money are you leaving on the table?
This market is moving fast, the industry is changing.
As online home shopping becomes more prevalent, working with the right real estate professional is not only better for your pocketbook but will be better for your sanity–and not cutting corners is worth the phone call.

Here are a few things that help distinguish the right Real Estate Professional for you to maximize your home sale:

    1. Agent or a Real Estate Professional - Are you hiring an agent who throws homes on the market for fun or a Real Estate Professional who acts as your home concierge? Sellers, do they throw a price at you before even seeing your home and everything it has to offer?
    2. Are they “actually” knowledgeable and do they provide the protection you need? - Meaning do they keep up on the ever changing contracts in today’s real estate world? How contracts were done 30 years ago are not the same today-are they knowledgeable of the changes and how they can affect you in the contract? Are they protecting you from errors and truly working for your best interests or are they working for a quick paycheck?
    3. Do they pay attention to the details? What does the “home preparation'' process look like? Do you have a consultation prior to photos on what to remove or rearrange? Do they help you showcase each room to the best of its advantage? What about things that are worth doing versus not doing before selling? Do they have a creative vision to appropriately capture your home’s story in the best way to real buyers? 
    4. What is their professional marketing & strategic plan? How do they market? Just the MLS? Or what sort of advertising do they do outside of the local MLS? Marketing your home is an art. Do they know how to best show your home online and in print? What about a proper property description and the photo arrangement? Are they actually there on the day of photos? Do they think outside the box? What is their company's reach and what does their digital outreach and global connection look like? Where is their marketing pushed and what areas do they actually reach? Do they know where potential buyers are coming from?
    5. Communication – Do they pick up their phone and return phone calls in a timely manner? Do they work with you on your preferred method of communication and provide the service you desire? Do you get marketing updates? Showing feedback? Do you get passed around to the next person or do you work with a professional who knows the details of your transaction and cares about your needs?
Agents charge you a commission while a Real Estate Professional earns their professional fee thus making it even more important to make sure you’re working with the right professional.
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